Razze Canine: American Water Spaniel Woooo!!!

Razze Canine: American Water Spaniel


Neptunecocktail posted a photo:


Maya takes Best of Opposite from the classes at the AKC/Eukanuba National show!! BOB was the very handsome Digger, the winningst AWS in breed history. Maya beat out a CH Bitch for BOS! So proud of my puppy! ;D

Thanks to my sister for the drive-by iPhone pic and Steph for showing the Imp in my absence!

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American Water Spaniel, Chien d’eau américain, Amerikanischer Wasserspaniel, Perro de agua Americano, Spaniel de Agua Americano


FCI: FCI_Gruppo_8 – FCI_Sezione_3 FCI_Standard_301

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