Razze Canine: Australian Shepherd: Week 52 :: 52 Weeks of Banjo

Razze Canine: Australian Shepherd


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Week 52 :: 52 Weeks of Banjo

Oh this is so bittersweet. I’m amazed I completed this 52 Weeks project (and not miss one week!), but so sad it has come to an end. Next year I plan to come back and this time do it with my girl Marley. I don’t know if Banjo is ready to give up the limelight. (Had to keep him thinking he’s still working, so he will be doing the 12 Months for Dogs this year.)

I wanted to participate in the challenge, but had pre-planned that the last picture in our project would be a self portrait with me and my boy together. I have very few pictures of me with our dogs so it is quite special to have this one…Even if it was the most difficult one to take in the entire project!

Everyone that has helped, commented, gave advice, participated and inspired Banjo and I…I give you my sincere thanks. Moderators and Illona…Thank you so much for making this one of the most fufilling and well organized projects. I know you have spent many, many dedicated hours. I can’t tell you all how much I have gained and improved from participating, but I’m forever grateful. Happy New Years, Friends!

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