Razze Canine: American Pit Bull Terrier rest in peace pirate

Razze Canine: American Bulldog

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rest in peace pirate

A few days ago Pirate went to heaven. I rescued her about 10 years ago with a broken hip, full of fleas, still lactating from having a litter and we never knew what happened to her puppies, she weighed about 26 pounds. Today, she had weighed about 65 pounds and full of life. She gave so much and was the best dog. Her bad hip had gotten worse and her legs began to get unstable due to arthritis and complications of her original injury. She was on the best medication to keep the pain at bay. During the summer I knew she wouldn’t be here much longer. I figured this Christmas would be her last and she did not quite make it. She couldn’t get up the other day without help. I knew the time had come. She had a great night with pizza crust and vanilla ice cream. Yes, her two favorite treats and she was so happy. The vet came to the house and got her to rest deeply and soundly and we said goodbye. Bob was there to say goodbye too while he continues to look for her around the house. Hearts are broken.

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