Razze Canine: American Pit Bull Terrier Please Help Homeless Man’s Dog…

Razze Canine: American Pit Bull Terrier

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Please Help Homeless Man's Dog...

12/22/12 Update per Vicki Lorene:

She is in ISO and has a hard road ahead. Its a miracle she hadn’t died days ago….surgeon says there is nothing else they can do…hoping patches n stitches stay put! Prayers and a village of support needed. Nottie is defying the odds. 18 inches of intestines removed…..huge obstruction…..still critical!

Examiner article: www.examiner.com/article/dog-desperate-need-of-emergency-…

Nottie the pit bull .. she’s in surgery….need a miracle… prayers…. its been 4 hours…..they’re trying to save her now. 10:15:pm. Everyone, Friday 12/21/12 UPDATE: Nottie is still alive this morning, but not in surgery yet! So far, only $1425 has been graciously donated towards this surgery, still short, so, very worried.

Its heart wrenching to wait and know that YORBA Regional is the only vet so far even willing to attempt this difficult surgery with a partial payment up front. It’s $2400 just to start the operation. The total surgery cost is estimated at approx. $4900 and that’s not including post op care beyond a couple of days.

Yorba regional is doing an outstanding job of keeping her stabilized as much as possible, IV fliuds, antibiotics, etc…They are the best, very caring staff hands down, unlike the “other Vets office”, where she was transferred from. I’ll say no more…
We saw Nottie last night & she’s fighting…Stable at the moment, but critical still. Nottie was able to stand & walk a short distance, gave us kisses, only visited very briefly as she needs constant hookup to the IV’s in ISO and were not suppose to be back there. A couple pictures were snapped & then we had to leave her again…Her breath and vomit are horiffic. I truly believe God is intervening at this point because the vet says something is rotting inside. Nottie was transferred from another vet in the area because the “other vet” wanted close to $6000 for the surgery, not including the $1500 they had already been paid to them and they demanded $4700 to do surgery or even keep her in the building. Crazy… So Yorba Regional, where she is now is very reasonable in pricing for what Nottie needs done NOW. They are watching her 24/7 and hopefully the phones will ring to them with donations. Time is of the essence. We are networking and calling and begging…please pray and please share this…every dollar counts. I am her foster mama.

My PayPal address is listed above in the article: rayvickimaule@yahoo.com if anyone wanting send a donation by electronic check. I will send copies of my receipts of your funds into my paypal account & then make a direct payment straight to vet on your behalf and send you a receipt of that too… The vet accepts credit cards by phone, Visa, MasterCard, no American express though. I will disclose any info needed to prove funds being paid by cash, or PayPal direct to me. This WILL GO STRAIGHT to vet. Anyone is welcome to verify that she is there with a phone call to the vet. You can friend me on Facebook for updates and photos. I haven’t been to sleep yet…networking through the night… we’re trying so very hard. This is life or death.. a MAJOR surgery, and reconstruction…Thank You to all for everything so far we are very very grateful, Sincerely, Vicki L Maule & Aaron C.

Hello my rescue and animal lovers. Its Vicki Ristine-Maule here with a dire situation in which one of my fosters Needs Surgery NOW! Nottie is currently at Yorba Regional animal hospital 8290 E. Crystal Dr. Anaheim, CA 92807 this very minute. Nottie is a 5 yr old, pit bull whom I have taking into my home and assisted her homeless owner as he tries to rebuild his life.

Nottie is now in critical condition, now dehydrated but septic…x rays & ultra sound point to an obstruction and perforation her intestines, Her electrolytes are off and she has been vomiting for seven days now unable to keep anything down. She was taken to California vet specialists Friday night, hydrated by IV and released as she seemed to do better, however she has taken a turn for the worse and I am begging for your help with any financial assistance possible. Even one dollar counts in saving the life of this sweet girl that is so sweet and now suffering so greatly in pain. Her surgery and services will total close to 5,000 and without help, there is little that can be done other than to watch her suffer and die in pain. Please if you can, offer any financial assistance whatsoever, please contact Yorba regional animal hospital
8290 E. Crystal Dr. Anaheim, CA 92807 with a credit card donation at on behalf of “Nottie”.

Please…pass this on, spread the word…I need all the help we can get for Nottie. For anyone wishing to make a cash donation, it can be mailed directly to the vet or you can paypal to me at rayvickimaule@yahoo.com and I will forward to the vet. If you have any questions you can contact me directly at 714-865-6507 or Yorba regional animal hospital
8290 E. Crystal Dr. Anaheim, CA 92807 909-947-3600 to show your support.

Thank You so much, Vicki Ristine-Maule

Rescuer, Pit Bull Owner, Lover Advocate

Volunteer with Change of Heart Pit Bull Rescue, Norco & 2nd Chances Rescue, Chino,CA

714-865-6507 cell

PayPal address: rayvickimaule@yahoo.com
Yorba regional animal hospital
8290 E. Crystal Dr. Anaheim, CA 92807

Examiner article: www.examiner.com/article/dog-desperate-need-of-emergency-…

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