Razze Canine: Cane da pastore della Beauce: New best friends..

Razze Canine: Cane da pastore della Beauce


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New best friends..

I just had to post this one. Wildlife indeed.. 🙂

4 weeks ago we got Rufa, the German Shepherd lady to the left, from an animal shelter. To say the least, it took some getting used to for our two other pampered doggies, Beauceron Pandour and Hovawart Kookai. It was a little rough now and again but the pecking order seems to be established.

What you see here is play. No fight, nothing serious, just play. Neither one of them had so much as a scratch afterwards although it really seemed that they would slaughter each other 🙂
With a 100 pound dog and a 70 pound dog, there’s no question about who’s ‘boss”, Pandour (on the right). Which was a bit surprising to us as he’s the gentlest dog you can imagine!

Granted, Rufa is still a bit rough around the edges but she’ll be fine given time (and a lot of love)

Have a look at the Wildlife Diary for more stories about our ‘new best friends’ 🙂

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Scheda Cane da pastore della Beauce

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