Razze Canine: Airedale Terrier Merry Christmas Everyone ~ 51/52

Razze Canine: Airedale Terrier


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Merry Christmas Everyone ~ 51/52

Week #51: This picture of Brock was taken, specifically for the 52 weeks for Dogs Group. We finally have our tree up with a few gifts beneath it. I have to work on Christmas so we will celebrate the 24th. Brock already opened his present because he knew the moment I brought it home, it was his. I put it in a spare room and he sat outside the door whining and making a fuss. He drove us all nuts, until we did the unthinkable and relented. He’s already played with it enough that its chewed all to heck and of course has a hole ripped in! Maybe that’s why he’s not smiling here. Deep down he knows he was a naughty boy and santa should have put coal in his stocking!

Technically : Bounced flash, some overhead lighting, and natural light through a window at Brock’s back left. I bumped the ISO up over 1000 for this shot. Its so darn dark in my home!

Self Assessment: Cute close up, which I always enjoy of my boy, but lacks originality – same story different day for me.

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