Razze Canine: Barbone : Johnny

Razze Canine: Barbone


Trev Grant posted a photo:


Johnny is a French Waterdog – a Barbet.

This is a nearly extinct breed.
There were only 8 bred in the United States in 2007 and none in 2008.So far this year, 2009, there have been 6 born.
For news in Great Britain: Barbet History

The French Waterdog is thought to be the origin of the Poodle, Portuguese Waterdog and the American Water Spaniel.
An interesting find!

Johnny becomes #39 of 100 Dogs.

Johnny’s owner, Louisa, is in the next photo.

Titolo Foto: Johnny
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Razza: Barbone, Barbet, Vieux Barbet, French Water Dog,Perro de aguas francés, Französischer Wasserhund
FCI: FCI_Gruppo_9 – FCI_Sezione_1 FCI_Standard_172

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