Razze Canine: Canadian Eskimo Dog: Escape Artist

Razze Canine: Canadian Eskimo Dog


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Escape Artist

Escape Artists
Through the Eyes of Man’s Best Friend

My name is Riot and I was the first to escape, What the humans called a large winter storm roared through New Brunswick, This was a time for us dogs to have some fun with our humans, The snow fell and it kept coming, we were just biding our time, the humans spent hour upon hours digging out our kennel gates, The next night another 12 inches fell, night after night more snow fell along with a big freeze It wasn’t long before the snow was 6 foot high, the humans kept trying to dig out the kennel gate but once it got frozen hard they had to concede to failure, it even started to fall of the roof of the kennel building making some nice ramps for us to climb out.

This was it my time to escape, Yhaaaaaa….Whoooooo I am over the fence the snow was deep even for me a sled dog but I made it to the house with every other dog cheering me on Whooooo!!!!!.

One of my human heard the commotion the other doggie’s …. Whooooo I get food outa this I hear her “ In Da House!!!!!, In Da House Riot”

Whooooo!!! FOOD!!! …. 6 foot of snow see how fast I can run, I got a few cookies, a few cuddles, a few blank faces, I sure know where the food is hehehehe!!!.

I got house time for a few days till they figured out how to close the outdoor kennel, I just had the indoor kennel not as much fun as the outside but I did get house time outa this though.

My name is Couper the only sibe in the kennel, not fun being the only Sibe around hear, don’t they know I am smaller that those Mals ….. they tried kenneling me with a few over my time here, Mals , Eskies, they all beat on me mainly over food, I also escaped over the kennel fence, The snow keeps falling off the kennel building roof, made me a nice ramp to climb out, They didn’t see me escape, I, being the smart one escaped while they were sleeping, I had a grand old time exploring the yard, lots of smells a few old bones tossed in a pile waiting to be taken for garbage Whoooooo!!!!!,

It wasn’t till the next morning the humans realized I was out of my kennel, so I get house time, I even sneaked onto the couch hehehehe. Then the humans blocked off the outdoor part of my kennel, oh well I got house time for a day.

Hey my name is Juneau I wasn’t gonna be out done by Riot and Couper, …… my turn to escape hehehe, a couple of days before, the humans shifted the snow away from my escape route, till the snow fell off the roof Whooooo!!!! I am away free as a bird, Rossi my kennel mate followed, we got straight into the house, I am not gonna wait all night but they shifted the bones anyway Hehehehe, I know just how to get the most out of my house time, be sweet ,no peeing in the house, I got the deck, first to be feed, first to get morning cuddles hehehe.

My Name is Winter, I was next over the kennel fence, I had being climbing the fence back and forth for a while, see most of the kennels had been closed off, so I climbed over to get the bones from the other kennels hehehehe, Till one day they spotted me, darn, so I climbed over two kennels and my turn for house time Hehehehe!!!.

My name is Bones and I am an Eskie. They thought I was to old to clime the fence NARRRRR !!!!!!. they had moved some of the dogs to the garage kennels, and they had the nerve to feed them first, well, I had to get to the food, I climbed the ever growing snow pile and out to find the food and to see what else.I could get into

My name is Sur ,a Malamute,the blind one. I had what the humans call SARDS and I lost my sight, Do you think that was gonna keep my in the kennel Narrrrrr!!!, I escaped I could hear there was food being fed and it wasn’t mine, so I climbed the kennel fence, over the ramp, and they thought a 3 foot fence would keep my away from the food hehehehe!!!, no way, I got out and found my way through 6 feet of snow across the yard to the garage to where the food was being fed hehehehe !!!!, The look of amazement on the humans faces would have being priceless to see, I was happy I found the food, the humans were happy I found them, I was also happy to get house time and the back deck for a few days.

It took the humans a few days, we were all well entertained as they closed of all but two of the outdoor kennels, then shifted enough snow out of the other two kennels to make them escape proof ?????. now we all get rotated in the in/out kennels while they clean the indoor kennels, Oh what fun we are having with our humans.

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