Bodie Razze Canine: Australian Cattle Dog Mattie

Razze Canine: Australian Cattle Dog


RRFjt (Only here off and on for a while) posted a photo:

Bodie & Mattie

I know I haven’t posted in ages. At times my internet service limits me so much that it becomes difficult to be here very much. It would be wonderful if the new year could bring much needed, improved, service to our area. (Not holding my breath just putting the wish out into the Universe.) When I can get to the coffee shop/wi-fi spot in town I can post a bit more but that’s not always possible, so for the foreseeable future we’ll just muddle along here.

This shot was because for a long while I’ve wanted to get a portrait of these two together. I rather think Mattie looks like she is posing for a DMV photo. She is a typical, bossy, big sister (and ACD) so when it comes to doing anything with Bodie she wants to be calling the shots. It’s also sort of like with kids “Mom, he touched meeee!” So she wasn’t going to snuggle any closer and kept a deadpan expression during the entire session. Too much “let’s get happy” on my part caused Bodie’s BC exuberance to kick in, further complicating things. As you can see we managed to get a shot with everyone still (for about 10 seconds) and insane exif – f9, 30 sec shutter speed, although on a tripod and with a remote. They must have both been holding their breath and I must have lost my mind some place while making the settings, no wonder it’s the only one that turned out. The background was textured with a Sarah Gardner texture, sorry don’t remember which one but pretty sure it was from her Renaissance collection.

Hope all of my flickr contacts and friends had a wonderful Christmas and that the new year brings you the very best. Thanks for your favs and comments during 2012. I’m looking forward to 2013 whatever it brings.

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