Razze Canine: Cane da pastore della Beauce: Beauceron

Razze Canine: Cane da pastore della Beauce


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An old and distinct French breed of herding dog, the Beauceron is easily
trained, faithful, gentle and obedient. The Beauceron coat can be seen in
variations of black and tan. While relatively unknown outside of France, the breed is very old within the country. And while there are many sheep herding dogs in France, the Beauceron is the preferred choice due to its tireless work ethic.

The earliest record found so far of what is thought to be the Beauceron dates
back to a Renaissance manuscript of 1578. In 1809, the abbey Rozier reported plain dogs guarding flocks and herds. In 1863, Pierre Megnin differentiated, with precision, two types of these sheep dogs: one with a long coat, which became known as the Berger de Brie (Briard), the other with a short coat, which is known as the Berger de Beauce (Beauceron).

Like many breeds within the herding group, the Beauceron is happiest when
assigned a task. He is eager to learn and easily trained, but may display
independence. The breed’s short coat does not require extensive grooming.
Although the Beauceron can be reserved with strangers, he is loving, loyal and protective of his family.

– Information taken from the American Kennel Club website

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Razza: Cane da pastore della Beauce, Beauceron, Berger de Beauce, Chien de Beauce, Bas-Rouge, French Shorthaired Shepherd
Beauce Shepherd, Berger de Beauce, Bas Rouge

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Scheda Cane da pastore della Beauce

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