Razze Canine: American Pit Bull Terrier – Foto Cani di Razza American Pit Bull Terrier

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greta’s x-rays on friday confirmed that she needs TPLO surgery on both of her knees. she also has grade 3 hip dysplasia but no signs of osteoarthritis in either hip yet. she’s on deramaxx and tramadol for the pain until we can schedule surgery. i am still waiting to find out if they want to do both knees at the same time or separately. this didn’t happen because of an injury – it is actually just the way she is built due to bad breeding and her immune system being so compromised as a puppy. the surgery is $6,000+ and completely out of my budget. i started a paypal for donations if anyone is able to spare even a penny – anything helps. we truly appreciate it. she deserves to be the puppy she still is and live a pain free life. early this week donations will be able to be sent directly to both my vets, i will post again with that information when i have it.

as for the shot – not good, i know. it’s been an insane week and greta is too sore to even get out to pee by herself so this will have to do. she didn’t do well with being sedated for the x-rays, when i picked her up it took her about 2 hours to even recognize me and she cried most of the night.

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Razza: American Pit Bull Terrier
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Razza Presentata: American Pit Bull Terrier

Altri nomi di questo cane di razza: American Pit Bull Terrier

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