Border Collie – Foto Cani di Razza: Border Collie

Razze Canine: Border Collie – Foto Cani di Razza: Border Collie


meg price posted a photo:

5/52 A Twirly Whirly Kinda Guy

Barney + water = a twirly whirly, squeaky shrieky… mad dog! He’s fantastic, joyful, intelligent and I love him dearly but I cannot deny that around water he goes completely insane. Be glad you can’t hear the ear-splitting woofs and especially gad you can’t hear the wailing. Oh my goodness, the noise!! He’s like a very loud, persistent old fashioned whistling kettle… A kettle that while whistling, is also literally vibrating in excitement and intermittently twirling circles! Twirling, then zooming in tight anti-clockwise circles (always anti-clockwise!) round my legs, all whilst emitting a high pitched squeal that stops people and dogs in their tracks.

They may herd livestock silently but in my experience BCs are often noisy during play. When he was younger though, Barney was delightfully quiet and I was awfully smug about it. My collie was silent, not an annoying barker! Oh no, not him. Then Barney was corrupted by a cute but evil collie cross we met on a beach early one summer morning a few years ago. The evil little dog appeared out of nowhere and spent 15 minutes barking and bouncing at the water. Barney spent 10 minutes watching intently, then joined in very enthusiastically. He’s never shut up since!! He tacked on the shrieking part a few months later… That’ll teach me to be smug.

The squeaky shriekiness when we’re playing near water is a bit grating but the twirly whirliness is fun 🙂 Until he twirls round and round so much that he crashes into me – or whirls round my legs in such tight little circles that my jeans and shoes and sometimes my coat and camera too, get an impromptu shower. I seem to return home from most of our walks wet and slightly deaf but hey, Barney has fun and his antics make me laugh and keep me on my toes – and sometimes knock me off them completely!

Titolo Foto: 5/52 A Twirly Whirly Kinda Guy
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Razza: Border Collie, Scotch Sheep Dog, Sheepdog, Collie de la frontera, Collie fronterizo
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Razza Presentata: Border Collie

Altri nomi di questo cane di razza: Scotch Sheep Dog, Sheepdog, Collie de la frontera, Collie fronterizo

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