Razze Canine: Australian Kelpie: The Side Shot

Razze Canine: Australian Kelpie


ozfozz posted a photo:

1/52 The Side Shot

For the first week I will do an introduction.
I thought side view would be the best, that way you get a good look at the dog in her entirety.

(Hoping to get a better camera during the year sometime)

This is Rigby. I’ve chosen her this year to follow “officially” with the 52 week theme, as I’ve got about one million photos of Cobain, and she is still progressing. Plus I find her more of a challenge to get a good shot of.
Approximately 2 year old, Australian Kelpie x Border Collie mix (best guess).
Rescued by Toronto Animal Services, found wandering as a stray in the city.

When I brought her home she was 19lbs.
Now, a year later, she is 32lbs (still thin as you can see) and the same height.

She did come with some issues, but we have worked tirelessly in order to help her with them.
In the past year, she has come a long way from the fearful little dog she once was.
Most notably, she is a performance dog in the demo team the Woofjocks, and we are working on competitive agility, disc, and freestyle.

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