[11/12] She's growing up!

Razze Canine: American Water Spaniel

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The little Imp is growing too fast on me… Hard to believe she is already full grown! I’m so proud of this little one, she is such a joy to be around, you can’t help but be amused by her silly antics. This month she got to play at a dog show for the second time in her life. The fellow exhibitors were so enamored with her conformation and most of all her wonderful temperament and attitude in the show ring. Greatest of all were the comments I received from judges, four of the five judges who put their hands on her had something wonderful to say about her. She walked away that weekend with back to back Sporting Group 4ths with some of the nations TOP Sporting dogs present. She accumulated so many points that she is currently the #2 American Water Spaniel in the breed!! One of the two judges went so far as to say she was the first AWS he had ever placed in a Sporting Group and was rather suprised when I mentioned she was only 11 months old and it was her second time in the show ring.

Okay I’ll stop bragging, I’m just too proud of my silly Imp. <3

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