Do You Need a Dog Walking Service? Points to Consider

Few dog owners have the luxury of staying with their canine friends twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week even though that is probably where they’d like to be! It’s just a sad fact of life. We need to work to pay the bills. However, just because you won’t be home much of the day doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy the company of a furry friend when you are at home. If you are wondering if you need a dog walker to help you for the times you can’t be at home, here are some points to consider.

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What to Do When Nature Calls?

Although dogs can be well-trained, they simply don’t have the powers of logic to think it through to the fact that you will be home at a certain time. If nature calls, they answer! Many people are reluctant to have a house pet for this reason or resort to buying training pads at a negozio cani online to be placed near the door so the poor creature will have someplace to relieve himself. Actually, this isn’t a wise thing to do for the sole reason that it trains your furry friend to go potty where the training pad is placed. That’s a habit you don’t want to instil in your dog.

Companionship Whilst You Are Away

Think about that moment when you return from work. Your dog is at the door wagging his tail and jumping up and down for joy like it’s been months since he’s seen you. Dogs do have emotions, believe it or not, and they love you unconditionally. When you return after an absence of one hour or nine hours, it’s like they haven’t seen you in weeks and they are just that happy that you are home. Hiring a dog walking service may help to provide a bit of extra companionship for your dog whilst you are at work. Dogs get lonely too. It is very important however to ensure that you find a service with a professional walker who will get along with your dog. Even though they deal with dogs day in and day out, not all personalities will be suitably matched to your furry child.

Getting That Extra Bit of Training

Another aspect of hiring a dog walking service you may want to consider is in regards to that extra bit of training a professional can provide. Most dog walkers have an affinity with these intelligent creatures and can help you train your dog to respond to verbal as well as non-verbal commands. It never hurts to reinforce what you are working on. Whether motioning for your dog to sit, verbally commanding him to sit or using a combination of the two, your dog needs to learn to obey each and every command the moment it is given. From playing fetch with your dog for exercise to jogging around the block, a dog walker can give that extra bit of care that your dog really needs throughout the day.

If it isn’t feasible to pay the cost of a service to come in every day you are at work, it might be a good idea to see if you can find one that will come in perhaps three days a week. Many will quote a flat rate for the service and will be willing to work with you if it is something you just can’t afford. They may spend less time with your furry friend, but at least you know your doggie can take a much needed potty break and that, alone, is an amazing benefit. Should you hire a dog walking service? If you are away often, the answer is a resounding yes.

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